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Kennel Club ID 118

“To promote the breeding of good gundogs”

Patron: Mr John R Mawer



1st & The Furness Salver  & Engraved Tumbler

K P Farmer  with Jamian Sevens,

2nd J Elliott with Botcheston Bess at Tolleford,

3rd A Cook with Barley Nine,

4th T Smith with Twistmount Echo as Isfryn.

Best Minor Breed :D Yates  with Isfryn Spotless at Fernderyn.

On Sunday April 23rd 2017 Novice & Open A.V. Spaniel Working Tests

were held at The Beeswax Estate Stubton, Lincs.

By Kind permission of Mr M Partridge.

Judges Mr M Whitehouse (A2397) & Mr A Whitehouse


1st  & The Coe-Crete Trophy

D Ross with  Ffyonlas Smudge,

2nd A Ross with Glanhowy Lark,

3rd M Wills with Boundarymoor Pearl,

4th J Smith with Abiann Flawless.


 D Ross with Ffyonlas Smudge.

Novice Winner

Photograph © Marny  Lonsdale

Best Minor Breed

Open Winner & Best Overall Spaniel

Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club held an A.V. Novice Spaniel Trial

at Stubton on 15 December 2016

 by kind permission of Mr M Partridge.

 Judges Mr M Deacon, Mr J Sexton, Mr B Faley, Mr J Eyre

Results :

1st R Kay with Starry Skye of Farlavale (also Guns Choice)

2nd J Briggs with Dunnbrigg Rachel

3rd D Massey Rixtonmoss Machine (also Best Hunting ESS).


S Higgins with Sunbeam Dawn, A Austin with Morskye Andromedia,

N Cross with Beckys Heart, K Richardson with Kellysevens Dominator

and M Griffiths with Parkmeadow Mayfly.

Thank you to the Judges and all the helpers

Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club held an Open English Springer Trial

on 14 November 2016 at Everingham Park

by kind Permission of Mr G Cooper.  

Judges: Mr G Wilson and Mr F Geraghty


1st J Dansfield with Buccleuch Hamish

2nd I English with Helmsway Hope

3rd K Richardson with Cowarnecourt Jedi.

COMs to

D McGhee with Quarrymore Snipe (also Gun's Choice),

M Clifford with Boothys Bomber of Belvden,

S Hewarding with Parkmeadow Snowdrop

F Wilson with Clarburgh Rosie.

Dukeries Notts Gundog Club held an  Open Cocker Trial at Everingham Park

 on 21 November 2016

by kind permission of Mr G Cooper.

Judges: Mr R Ellershaw and Mr W Slack.


1st: J Menzies Fernmoss Gold Dust of Gournaycourt handled by Mr J Bailey,

2nd A Whitehouse  Sugar Bullet Ravens Quest,

3rd N Satchwell Autumn Willow Solitaire.  

COMs :

W Forbes Buccleuch Ingram of Stormwatch (also Guns Choice),

 J Organ Wetlands Scream,

J Croft Ftch Wrenmarsh Sweet Lady

The Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club held a

16 Dog Open A.V. Spaniel excluding spaniel (cocker) trial

on 21/11/17 at Stubton

by kind permission of Mr M Partridge.

Judges Mr E Elwick and Mr A Hopkins Young.

1st - K Richardson - Kellysevens Dominator (Guns Choice)
2nd - D Ross - Ffyonlas Smudge 
3rd - A Whitehouse - Sugarbullet Lilly 
4th - N Satchwell - Wrightsmill Wolf at Follyview 
COMS - F Wilson - Dawsonlee Gemini, D Holmes - Helmsway Harkila,

 M Clifford - FTCH Boothys Bomber of Belvden, I Clarke - Fuselea Delight,

G Wells - Luthumor Opheila of Burransfiel, G Wilson - Fentoncourt Donna of Witchwillows,

L Griffiths - Autumnwillow Ice, J Dransfield Buccleuch Hamish,

 J Dransfield - Dunmbrigg Early Purple, K Richardson - Cawarmecourt Jedi.

Dukeries Notts Gundog Club held a Any Variety Spaniel Novice Field Trial

on 5 December 2017 at Stubton

by kind permission of Mr Partridge.

Judges Mr J Iliffe, Mr I Bogacki, Mr S North & Mr M Elliott.

1st - S Brooks - Griffinwell Martha May.

2nd - M Whitehouse - Hiluxdreamclipper of Cheweky

3rd - S Grace - Tynegrove Centrefold of Ecarg.

4th - J Gallimore - Quarrymoor Jazz (also the Guns Choice).

COM to D Williams - Tyberius Milly.

The club would like to express their gratitude to all the helpers, who made the day possible.

1st & 2nd place winners Open Cocker Stake 2017

The  Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club held a Open Cocker Trial

On 18 December 2017 at Stapleford

by kind permission of Mr R Sturgess.

Judges Mr M Whitehouse and Mr N Powell.

1st R Henry - Howsyke Bertie,

2nd J Bailey - Windmillwood Kate (also Guns choice),

3rd S Winspear - Kiltonbeck Helga,

4th A Waterhouse Samsirs Union Jack,

COM to L Dewis - Cundriebrook Avon.

The club would like to express their gratitude to all the helpers who made the day possible.

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