Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club

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Kennel Club ID 118

“To promote the breeding of good gundogs”

Patron: Mrs B Jayne Mawer

A 14 Dog Novice A.V. was held at Eagle Shoot,Large Farm, Eagle, N Lincs,

On Wednesday October 10th 2018

By Kind Permission Of Mr Michael Chennells and Chennells Farms

By Arrangement with Mr W Pryer.

Judges:- Mr M Newsam (A100), Mrs S Lowe (B 3173),

Mr M Birchall (NP 2813) & Mrs J Campbell (NP3681)

Steward Of The Beat: Mr Wayne Pryer

Chief Steward Mr Paul Birkbeck

1st  Mrs Sharon Dingle with LR.D  Bellspaddle Roscoe

2nd Mrs Kim Jinks with GR.B  Mistybrook Ochre

3rd Mrs Sharon Dingle with LR.D  Bellspaddle Jock 



Mr Ian Glover with LR.D Bearbrace Goveian 

Mr Peter Thompson with LR.D Eiderbay Piper

A 24 Dog Open (Qualifying) A.V. Retriever stake was held at  the Stapleford Shoot

On Thursday/Friday 1st & 2nd November 2018

Judges:- Mr R Tozer (A100), Mr P Highfield (A2763),

Mr H Vilendal (A 3077) & Mr S Hagain(B 3562)

Chief Steward: Mr G Jones

1st  Mr Wayne Mitchell with LR.D  Turpingreen Barrera Of Labdom

2nd Mrs Sharon Dinglewith LR.B  Bellspaddle Intrepid

3rd Lady C Carter’s  LR.D  Brocklebank Bronze  (Handler Mr J Halsted)

A 14 Dog Novice A.V. Retriever Stake was held at  the Stapleford Shoot

On Friday 16th November 2018

Judges:- Mr APK Bates (A2199), Mr D Capel (A1843),

Ms S Braithwaite (NP) & Ms L Marsh.

Chief Steward: Mr G Jones

1st  Mr Daniel Higgs with LR.Higgscroft Cedrys Libani

2nd Mrs Claire Carvis with LR Tarnedge Javia

3rd Mrs Allie Hogsberg with LR Wessex Sultan Of Rufiver

Guns Choice Mr Daniel Higgs with LR.Higgscroft Cedrys Libani

A 14 Dog All Aged A.V. was held at Merevale Estate, Atherstone ,Warwick

On Friday January 25th 2019

By Kind Permission Of Sir William Dugdale.


Mr Phil Garton (A2178), Mrs Lisa Harris (B3002),

Ms Dawn Scott (NP) & Mr A Kinta (NP)

Steward Of The Beat: Jason Douglas

Chief Steward : Graham Jones.

1st & Winners Trophy Mrs Judith White’s Lab. Minstead Costello

2nd  Mrs Victoria Stanley’s Lab. Patanavac Brough


Mrs Sue Lowe’s Lab. Lowsommer Sevenseas of Rye.

Mr Peter Elmy’s Lab. Chardonnay of Wittinsmead

Mrs Sally Richardson’s GR. Gatekeeper Boycie Del Of Hartleyjean.( Trophy for youngest dog in awards)