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Kennel Club ID 118

“To promote the breeding of good gundogs”

Patron: Mr John R Mawer

For matters relating to Working Spaniels please contact the Lucinda Southern Tel No 07891232316

Email  lucindasouthern@yahoo.co.uk

Spaniel Archive


was held on Sunday 10 June 2018


At Eagle Hall Shoot, North Scarle, Lincs.

Judges: Mr A Hopkins Young and Mr S North


After a glorious day at Eagle on 10 June 2018 for the Spaniel Working Tests, on some superb ground out judges Mr A Hopkins Young and Mr S North awarded the following prizes:

Novice Dog / Novice Handler - No Awards Given


1st: A Cook - Barley Nine,

 2nd :L E Adkins -  Amberquest Elmo of Linddraig


1st  (No first prize awarded),

2nd J Jefferies - Seabiscuit Boy,

3rd A Cook - Barley Nine

Best Overall Spaniel - A Cook - Barley Nine

Best Hunting Spaniel - J Kirkby - Skychaser 

Whilst no awards were given out in the Novice Handler both judges were very patient and gave advice and feedback to each handler which was well received

A 16 Dog Open AV Spaniel excluding spaniel (cocker)

was held  at Eagle Hall on November 5th 2018

By arrangement with Mr W Pryer and the Eagle Hall Shoot

Judges M Clifford and J Sexton

1st Details withheld at the request of the winner

2nd M Watson with Wrenmarsh Temptation

3rd D Horsman with Cornermarsh Charisma

4th D McGhee with Bryngwhryd Elsa of Rushymoor

COMs to:- R Wells - Barcudwen Minty,

L Grifiths - Kenquince Shooting Star,

A Whitehouse - Sugarbullet Lilly, G Wilson - Tyberius Billy, A Waterhouse - Willowsaul Joker,

S Higgins - Kansas Kate, S McGuire - Mulsraven Mismark,D Massey - Hawksmeadow Cyclone,

 I Bannister - Tailorsdrift Black Jack.

Guns Choice - A Whitehouse - Sugarbullet Lilly

A 16 Dog Open AV Spaniel stake was held  

at Eagle Hall on November 19th 2018

By arrangement with Mr W Pryer and the Eagle Hall Shoot

Judges: Roy Ellershaw and Kevin Richardson.

1st & Best Hunting ESS - J Briggs Dunbrigg Teasel

2nd - G Meehan Palmarrion Majestic

3rd  & Guns Choice - A Fyfe Honest Bob

4th - N Howe Rushymoor Rasta

The DUKERIES (NOTTS) GUNDOG CLUB - held their Spaniel Working Tests on 18 August at Inkersall Lodge, Bilsthorpe. The judges were Mr R Kay (NP) and Mr J Briggs (B), the tests  were well supported

 The club patron Mrs Mawer was pleased to present the winner of the Novice Etakiel Yorkshire Lass handled by L Davenport with her award and the Open Winner Edgegrove Stitch of Cudansa handled by L Allen with the award for best overall spaniel.

The club would like to thank all the helpers for making the day possible & Marsden Feeds for their sponsorship