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“To promote the breeding of good gundogs”

Patron: Mrs B Jayne Mawer

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A 16 Dog All Aged A.V. Retriever stake was held at

 Wentworth Woodhouse South Yorkshire

By kind permission of the Fitzwilliam Family

 & Head Keeper Chris Flintofff

On Monday January 9th 2024

Judges:- John Yarwood, Vanessa King,

Eden Parish, Kevin Butler.

Chief Steward: Stewart North.

Guns James Barnes , Brian Wilshaw,

Tom Wilshaw, Barrie Philips,

Bob Seaman , David Bellamy, Andrew Bray, Ben Bray.


1st Cornstraw Drake of Flypatch handler Tim Brain

Winners Trophy & Guns Choice

2nd Swiftlands Hela handler Ellena Nunneley

3rd Drakeshead Finnigan of Tagabea handler Paula Cullis

 4th and winner of Raytonbeck Shield for the youngest dog in Awards Minstead Reacher handled by Victoria Stanley

The event was kindly sponsored by Skinners Dog Food

& Sporting Saint

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The Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club Winning Team

Intercounties Team Challenge For the Kelly Memorial Trophy

Held on April 21st 2024

At the Springhead Estate Nr Amberley

By Kind Permission of  

The Haywood Family and the Parham Park Estate Trust

And hosted by the Arun & Downland Gundog Society

Judges Mrs Diana Stevens, Mr John Keegan,

Mr Colin Pelham and Mr Reuben Mort.


1st Place Team and winning The Kelly Memorial Shield

Duckeries ( Notts) Gundog Club

Minstead Reacher & Victoria Stanley -

also winning the youngest dog in the awards .

Tarnedge Jania & Claire Carvis -

also winning the Gold Cup for the top scoring dog .

Salmasky Ebor of Brackenfarg & Margaret Pearce.

2nd Place Team

Kennet Valley Gundog Training Society

Garrethall Toddy & Aaron Wright

Caitlin Primrose & Rob Smallman

Willowrise Lilly & Paul Wheeler

3rd Place Team

UGS Kent & East Sussex

Nevilldown Jellybean & Sarah Nickels-Hawkins

Roundcopse Flora & James Brindley

Tulleysedge Lone Star & Jon Debnam

4th Place Team

Rawcroft Rummage of Mitforton & Louie Robertson

Bellspaddle Mungo & Sharon Dingle

Mitforton Muir & Henny Brown

An Open Working Test  

was held on the Osberton Estate  on April 21st 2024

By kind permission of Mr R Foljambe.

Kindly Sponsored by Skinners Dog Food.


 Steve Cullis, Paula Cullis & Alan Richardson (NP).

Chief Steward – Roslyn Bellamy

1st Laura Hill with LR.D. Jarailstar Hogen Of Stauntonvale..

(Winner of the Cavalon Trophy)

  2nd Simone Barratt with Lab.D. Highroost Beech Of Flypatch      

3rd Mike Crutchleywith Lab.B. Mitford Neon

 4th Geoff Dobb with Lab.D. Woodcockhill Duiker

Certificate of Merit.

Gerry price with Lab.d. Hollowgate Sunset      

Kindly Sponsored by Skinners Dog Food.


Retriever Field Trial Schedule 2024/5 Hy Fly Novice FT Entry Form-70924 2 day FT Entry Form 30/09/24 Bretby Novice FT Entry Form 04/12/24. Wentworth AllAged FT Entry Form 07/01/25. Intercounties Team Event Report Spaniel Field Trial Archive

Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club held its Open stake for Setters & Pointers by kind permission of Lord Strathmore on Strathmore English Estates, Holwick, on Sunday 31st March 2024.

Judges for the day were:-

 S Lound Esq (2522) & C Dickman Esq (3931)

1st & Gun’s Choice - PD FT Ch Koram Kasbah at Sparkfield owned & handled by Terry Harris

2nd - ISB INT FT Ch Shanrycon Diamanté owned & handled by Steve Robinson

3rd - PD Sparkfield Arrow owned & handled by Terry Harris

4th - ISB Ballyellen April owned & handled by Bill Connolly

COM - ISD Dunroon Ginger Storm of Wiscombe owned & handled by Sarah Chichester

COM - ISB FT Ch Coldcoats My Newt owned & handled by Steve Robinson

A thank you presentation was made by Meryl Asbury for Val Isherwood who is stepping down as FT Secretary.

Grateful thanks go to Sponsors Skinner’s

An Open Working Test

Was held on May 12th 2024 at Elton Park Farm Bottesford Notts

By kind invitation of Barrie & Jill Roberts, Peverel Manners,

Keith Challen & Gamekeeper Ben Larter.

Judges:-Andy Slingsby (A3575),Garry Ellison (NP)

 & Casper Jonsen (NP)

1st and the Cavalon Trophy: Simone Barratt with Lab. D. Highroost Oak.

2nd :Laura Hill with Lab.D. Jarailstar Hogen of Stauntonvale.

3rd Dave Houghton with Lab.D. Kenaiteen Marvel.

4th Sara Briggs with Lab.D  Rimrock Victory.

C.O.M. Geoff Dobb with Lab.D Woodcockhill Grenadier.

Osberton WorkingTest Report 210424 16 Dog All Aged FT Report  Elton Park Farm Open WT Report 12.05.24.

Open Test Winners Elton Park Farm

Open Working Test 12.05.24.

 A Setter & Pointer Novice & All Aged Trials were held on the 12th July 2024 at Burncastle Estate by Lauder, with kind permission of His Grace the Duke of Northumberland.

We were very well looked after by Head Keeper Craig Dickman & his Team

Judges were Mr Colin Adamson & Mr Lester Anderson

Results are as follows:-

12th July 2024


1st - Ann Jacques - PB Sparkfield Swish

Guns Choice - Kim Brown’s ISD Kadalita Quarry Hill


Guns Choice - Kim Brown’s ISD Shanrycon Dextor

13th July 2024


Cancelled due to adverse weather.

Thanks to Skinner’s for sponsoring the trial & to all competitors for their entries in the first Trial of the Setter & Pointer Summer circuit.


1st - Ann Jacques - PB Sparkfield Swish

A 16 dog A.V. Novice Spaniel stake was held at

Wentworth Park Shoot

By Kind Permission of Head Keeper Chris Flintoff

On Tuesday January 16th 2024

Judges:- Martin Deacon, Martyn Elliott ,

John Robertson Stewart North


1st Cornermarsh Sapphire Owner/Handler  Allan Rickaby

Winner of the Rakerfield Trophy and Guns Choice Andrew Hartley Usher Memorial Trophy

No Other Awards

Kindly Sponsored by:-

16Dog AV Spaniel FT Report16.01.24.