Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club

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Kennel Club ID 118

“To promote the breeding of good gundogs”

Patron: Mrs B Jayne Mawer

The activities of the  Retriever section are Training, Working Tests and Field  Trials. Details can be found by clicking the appropriate button.

Retriever Section Contacts

 Paul Raper -    01777 838378 Chairman

Mrs C Gretton – 07915 909366 – Field Trial Secretary/Membership/Working Test Secretary
E-Mail: dukeriesclub@aol.com

Mr A Hewer  01226 756152  Retriever Trainer.

Andy Sweeney Retriever Trainer - sweeneyrx@gmail.com

Mr S North  Mob: 07836736868  workinggundogs@msn.com 

Retriever Secretary

Mrs Roz Bellamy Tel:  01623 411489  Mobile:  07725 403521  E-mail david@david-bellamy.co.uk

Working Test Secretary

Working Test Results 2016 Field Trial Results 2016/17 Retriever Working Test Results 2017 Retriever Working Test Results 2018 Retriever Working Tests 2019

Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club

Hon Patron – Mrs B Jayne Mawer

                              President- Mrs Beryl Middleton

Field Trial Secretary/Membership Secretary Mrs Caralyn Gretton  58,Godnow Rd, Crowle, Scunthorpe, Lincs. DN17 4EE. Tel: 01724 710265. Mob: 07915 909366. E-Mail: dukeriesclub@aol.com Web Site: dukeriesnottsgundogclub.co.uk


 Membership Annual Subscriptions: £10 – Joint/Single – should be PAID ON January 1st 2022/23.


(Full title please)

(Only fully paid-up members will take priority in the Draws.)


Please remember to renew your E-MAIL ADDRESS AND MEMBERSHIP FEE for you to receive all information of working tests & trial schedules.

Retriever Working Test Results 2021

As of the 1st January 2023 there will be a Club joining Fee of £20 plus the annual Sub of £10 for new members

We would like to remind current members that Subs are due on !st January each year and your Membership will be deemed to have lapsed if not paid on or before March 31st, the implication being that if you have not paid your Subs by the due date your membership will have lapsed and you will be subject to the joining  Fee of £20

 Field Trial Secretary Caralyn Gretton

Retriever Working Test Results 2022 Field Trial Results 2017/18 Retriever Field Trials 2018/19 Retriever Field Trial Results 2019/20 Retriever Field Trial Results 2021 Retriever Field Trial Results 2022 Retriever Field Trial Schedule 2023/2024 Entry Form 16 Dog AV Retriever 09.01.24. Retriever Working Test Results 2023 Retriever Field Trial Results 2023