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“To promote the breeding of good gundogs”

Patron: Mrs B Jayne Mawer

Retriever Field Trial Results 2021

A 16 Dog All Aged A.V. was held at Brook Farm Cuffley on September 9th 2021

By Kind Permission Of Mr David Thomas and Head Keeper Dan Serduik


Richard Beckerleg A2812, Peter Abbs B3395,

James Collins 3377, Stewart North

Chief Steward :Josefine Van Der Dussen.

Kindly sponsored by Skinners Dog Food


1st  Brindlebay Gertie Too of Birdsgreen (Lab.B.) handled by Sara Gadd

2nd  & Guns Choice

        Castletioram Caledonia at Quingrave (Lab. B. ) handled by Steve Newitt

3rd Nobsquinton Nettle (Lab. B.)handled by Claire Raymond

COM Copperwheat Chelsea (Lab. B.) handled by Ken Byron

All Aged Field Trial 09.09.21. Report

A 24 Dog Open (Qualifying) A.V. Retriever stake is to be held at

 The Checkley Wood Shoot Shoot

On Monday/Tuesday 18/19 October 2021

Judges:- Mr P Askew (A2195), Mr J Keegan (A2853),

Ms W Glue, (B3556), Ms D Scott, (B3643).

Chief Steward: Nick Beavis

Dog Stewards: Day 1 Mick Newsam & Jemma Hendley

Day 2: Stewart North, Steve Cullis and Pat Dixon.


1st  Simon Capstick with Lab.D. Gunnerspeg Apollo

Winners Trophy and Trophy for Youngest Dog in the awards

2nd Louie Robertson with Lab.B. FtCh Milforton Onour

Awarded  Guns Choice

3rd Amy Collier with Lab.D. Brocklebank Vital

COM David Sidwell with Lab. D. Liverycroft Turbostar

The event was kindly sponsored by Skinners Dog Food

Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club Field Trial Report

by Stewart North

Dukeries - Notts Gundog Club 24 Dog AV Retriever 2 Day Open Championship Qualifier Bkp of Ivor & Nick Beavis at Checkley Wood Shoot on 18th and 19th October 2021.

The first day started with short retrieves walk up in roots, followed by a walk up in white grass along side a small river, which a mixture of bramble, nettles, thistles leading to a wetland with rushes and reeds, and grass tussock.

The second day started with a much longer line with retrieves falling in heavy cover.

Many thanks to my Host, Guns Judges & helpers

A 14 Dog Novice A.V. Retriever Stake was held at Stubton Shoot, Brandon

on December 3rd 2021 by kind permission of Sir James Dyson, Malcolm Partridge and supporting guns.

Judges:- Henrik Vilendal (A3077), John Day (B3320),

      Guy Radford (NP 2591), Lewis Butler (NP).

Chief Steward: Stewart North.



Keith Eastwood with Lab. D. Eastgayle Phantom

Gary Collier with Lab.B.Hawksworth Maddison

Guns Choice Dave Brown with Lab. B Portbradden Zephyr

The event was kindly sponsored by Skinners Dog Food

Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club Field Trial Report

by Stewart North

14 Dog Novice AV Retriever Field Trial

3rd December 2021

Yesterday we held our first 2021 Novice Retriever Field Trial at Stubton Shoot, Brandon bkp of Sir James Dyson, Malcolm Partridge and supporting guns.

The day started with Guns Will Hales, Peter Appleyard, Elliott Grant, Bill Emms,

Ali Campbell Reeda and Judges meeting for breakfast at Hare and Hounds at Fulbeck

Judges Henrik Vilendal A John Day B Guy Radford NP Lewis Butler NP

A decision was made to start with a drive, and the senior judge separated the handlers into two groups of Odds and Evens to improve the the efficiency of the trial, due to this distance between the ends of the line. The guns shot very well, with sufficient birds to nearly finish the first round. At this stage we had unfortunately lost 10 dogs due to eye wipes or lack of control. The Keeper then provided us with a walk up in a wet rape crop, with the 4 remaining dogs, we lost another dog to an eye wipe and one dog ran in on a hare that was shot. The judges decided a further 2 retrieves were required to finish the trial, they sent Keith Eastwood to find a wounded bird in a spinney after a long hunt he got called in and Gary Collier was sent on the same bird but did not produce, after the judges had check the area. We carried on and the guns shot another 4 birds, Keith was sent quickly for the first mark and picked efficiently. Gary was sent for a bird out of the cover over a ditch which he picked. Then Keith was sent for a bird in cover next to the ditch which he failed to pick, Gary was second dog on the same bird and picked it. Trial was over and the Judges deliberations continued.

The Trial was finished on 27 birds so I asked the keeper for another drive for our Guns which he glady obliged, the remaining competitors and judges joined in and picked another 25 birds.

As a field trial secretary, very pleased the hosts provided the game, the guns shot very well and the judges provided dogs and handlers with numerous opportunities to pick game under kennel club Field Trial regulations. My helpers, Sara, Sue, Paul, Robert, Martin and beaters did an excellent job.

The Judges had decided that no dog has presented sufficient merit to Award a First.

They Awarded 2 Certificate of Merits to:

Eastgayle Phantom handled by Keith Eastwood

Hawksworth Maddison handled by Gary Collier

Guns Choice was Awarded to Portbradden Zephyr handled by Dave Brown.

Many thanks to our Sponsors Skinners Pet Foods