Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club

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Kennel Club ID 118

“To promote the breeding of good gundogs”

Patron: Mrs B Jayne Mawer

An Open Working Test  was held on the Osberton Estate  on July 18th 2021

By kind permission of Mr G M T Foljambe.

Kindly Sponsored by Skinners Dog Food.

Judges; Mr D Haycock & Mr A Richardson

Chief Steward – Caralyn Gretton

1st David Houghton with Lab. D. Kewaiteen Marvel. (Winner of the Dukeries Club Trophy)

2nd Sheila Tait with Lab. B. Byland Bonny

3rd Sheila Tait with Priesthill Easter

4th Margaret Pearce with Salemasky Ebor Of Brackenfarg


Philip Wagland  with GR.B. Funnyline Fieldquest Kelbrook

Amanda Minshall with Falconcliffe Cona

Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club

Retriever Working Test Results 2021.

A OPEN COLD GAME  A.V Retriever Working Test.

Was held on Sunday 8th August 2021 at Osberton, Notts

By kind permission of  Mr G M T Foljambe

Judges: Mick Newsam, John Day & Stewart North

Chief Steward: Caralyn Gretton

Kindly sponsored by Skinners Dog Food


1st Dawn Scott with Lab.B. Diglake Shady Eyeliner

Winner of the Cavalon Trophy & the Dukeries Shield

2nd Steve Le Voi with Lab.D. Maderblanca Amarillo

3rd Claire Carvis with Lab.D. Tarnedge Jaina

4th John Cardno with Lab. D. Etomanni Comanche

C.O.M Alan Towle with Lab.B. Kindermear be Reet at Jassporta

Working Tests were held on August 22nd 2021

at West View Farm, Besthorpe, Notts.

By Kind permission of Mrs M E Sandford’s family.

Judges: Mr G Dobb, Mr P Robinson,                                                      Mr A Sweeny & Mr M Peacock

Chief Steward:Caralyn Gretton

Puppy Test        Judge Andrew Sweeny

1st R Warner with Cornstraw Snipe (Lab.B.)

2nd A Richardson with Ricanded Commodores Flag (GR.D.)

3rd G Lowe with Questeleet Persephone Dee Lab.B.)

4th R Pugh-Lewis with  Flomoor Foxglove (Lab.B.)


C Probert with Flomoor Clover of Coursemalzie (Lab.B.)

T Bateman with Griffontee Beueve in Love (Lab.B.)

Novice Test  Judges Geoff Dobb, Malcolm Peacock & Phil Robinson

1st  C Probert with Etomanni Amber of Corsemalzie (Lab. B.)

2nd G Finch with Ploughmans Teal (Lab. D.)

3rd  A Cook with Sapphire Dove Surprise (Lab.B.)

4th S Lundy with Insdalehowl Bring it Back (Lab.D.)


V Strawson with Hollowgate Crackling Fire (Lab.B.)

W Emms with Lonicerium Mace (Lab.D.)

E Whittaker with Falconcliffe Tamara (Lab.B.)

Veteran Test  Judges Geoff Dobb, Malcol Peacock & Phil Robinson

1st P J Wagland with Funnyline Fieldquest Kelbrook (G.R. B).

2nd J Sayer with Laurinco Red Glow of Hollowgate (Lab.B.)

3rd S Corden with Dalesprings Black Orchid (Lab.B.)

4th V Strawson with Clarkesbush Teasel (Lab.B.)


Was held on  Sunday 19th September 2021
At Inkersall Lodge, Bilsthorpe, Notts.

 By kind permission of  Mrs BJ Mawer & Family.
Judges; Mr S Crookes, Mr G Lowe & Mrs A M Crookes

Chief Steward: Caralyn Gretton


1st R Pettet with Garrenwell Bridget (Lab.B.)

2nd No Award

3rd A Cook with Sapphire Dove Surprise (Lab.B. )

4th - S Davies with Glenbriar Arden (Lab.D.)


P Shouls with Osiacastle Zeppeline (Lab.D.)

T Middlewood with Staunton Vale Snow Leopard of Tildaross (Lab.D)

Kindly Sponsored by Skinners Pet Food