Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club

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Kennel Club ID 118

“To promote the breeding of good gundogs”

Patron: Mrs B Jayne Mawer

Setters & Pointers Field Trials 2017


Were held on the 12TH/13TH JULY 2017 At Burncastle Estate

By the kind permission of His Grace, The Duke of Northumberland.

JUDGES: S Lound Esq (2522) & J Naylor Esq (2530)


Puppy Stake

1st  Alan Neill with ISD Dunroon Ginger Boy

Gun’s Choice – Mr D Warren with PD  Onwards Henry

Novice Stake

1st Lester Anderson with PD Snap Dragon

2nd Mr D Warren with Onwards Henry

3rd Mr P O’Driscoll with  PB  American Lady

which was also Gun’s Choice

Open Stake

1st Lester Anderson with Snap Dragon

2nd Mr T Smith with PD Fearn Stanley

(handled by Mr A Neill)

3rd Mr A Neill with ISD Dunroon Ginger Boy

4th Mr AW Young with PD FtCh Fearn Quark of Burncastle

Certificates of Merit to :-

Mrs M Thomas’ PD Amshot Eric’s Charm (handled by Mr C Organ)

Mrs S Langford’s PD FtCh Papermill Flashman (handled by Mr A Neill)

Mrs EF Kirk with ESD Upperwood Allez Allez of Woundales

Mr TDO Hall with PD Windhovering Alder

Mr TDO Hall with ESB Upperwood Ash Alert

Mr B Morris with ISB Erinvale Maze

Mrs S Thomas with GSB Chartan Hermione Grainger

Mr B Long with PB Crookspire Lucky Clover at Hannebergh

Mr H Kirby with ESB Upperwood Voulez Vous avec Wamilanghaar

Gun’s Choice was Mr T Smith’s Fearn Stanley

Mr Lester Anderson owner of Pointer Dog, Snap Dragon,

winner of the Novice and Open Stake


Were held on the 20th March 2017

At Strathmore English Estates Co.Durham

By the kind permission The Lord Strathmore.



1st Mrs D and Mr D Goutorbe’s ESD Upperwood Va Vite

2nd Mr J Naylor’s ESD Upperwood Finn of Bitternboom

3rd Ms S Stone Amport’s ISD Pinebay Coppersheen Columbus


1st Mr. Wilson Young’s PD Fearn Quark of Burncastle

2nd Mr D Goutorbe’s ESB F.T.Ch. Upperwood No Fly Zone

3rd Mr A Neill’s PD Koram Piper of the Glen

4TH Mrs M Thomas’ PB Amshott Eric’s Charm

COM Mr R Michel’s PD Deeverspring Angus

 Mr T. D. O. Hall’s ESB Upperwood Ash Alert

 Mr D Goutorbe’s ESD F.T.Ch. Upperwood Forest

Mrs C Brown’s PB Ardclinis Emerald of Crahan

Mr T Smith’s PD Fearn Stanley

Mrs D and Mr D Goutorbe’s ESD Upperwood Va Vite

Photographs by kind permission of Mr David Hudson.

All photographs are © David Hudson 2017

Mr. Wilson Young’s PD Fearn Quark of Burncastle