Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club

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Kennel Club ID 118

“To promote the breeding of good gundogs”

Patron: Mrs B Jayne Mawer

The DUKERIES (NOTTS) GUNDOG CLUB - held their Spaniel Working Tests on 18 August 2019 at Inkersall Lodge, Bilsthorpe. The judges were Mr R Kay (NP) and Mr J Briggs (B), the tests  were well supported

 The club patron Mrs Mawer was pleased to present the winner of the Novice Etakiel Yorkshire Lass handled by L Davenport with her award and the Open Winner Edgegrove Stitch of Cudansa handled by L Allen with the award for best overall spaniel.

The club would like to thank all the helpers for making the day possible & Marsden Feeds for their sponsorship

Spaniel Working Test Archive

After a glorious day at Eagle on 10 June 2018 for the Spaniel Working Tests, on some superb ground out judges Mr A Hopkins Young and Mr S North awarded the following prizes:

Novice Dog / Novice Handler - No Awards Given


1st: A Cook - Barley Nine,

 2nd :L E Adkins -  Amberquest Elmo of Linddraig


1st  (No first prize awarded),

2nd J Jefferies - Seabiscuit Boy,

3rd A Cook - Barley Nine

Best Overall Spaniel - A Cook - Barley Nine

Best Hunting Spaniel - J Kirkby - Skychaser 

Whilst no awards were given out in the Novice Handler both judges were very patient and gave advice and feedback to each handler which was well received

On Sunday April 23rd 2017 Novice & Open A.V. Spaniel Working Tests

were held at The Beeswax Estate Stubton, Lincs.

By Kind permission of Mr M Partridge.

Judges Mr M Whitehouse (A2397) & Mr A Whitehouse



1st & The Furness Salver  & Engraved Tumbler

K P Farmer  with Jamian Sevens,

2nd J Elliott with Botcheston Bess at Tolleford,

3rd A Cook with Barley Nine,

4th T Smith with Twistmount Echo as Isfryn.

Best Minor Breed :D Yates  with Isfryn Spotless at Fernderyn.


1st  & The Coe-Crete Trophy

D Ross with  Ffyonlas Smudge,

2nd A Ross with Glanhowy Lark,

3rd M Wills with Boundarymoor Pearl,

4th J Smith with Abiann Flawless.


 D Ross with Ffyonlas Smudge.

Novice Winner

Photograph © Marny  Lonsdale

Best Minor Breed

Open Winner & Best Overall Spaniel


was held on Sunday 10 June 2018


At Eagle Hall Shoot, North Scarle, Lincs.

Judges: Mr A Hopkins Young and Mr S North